STFI10LN80K5 N-channel Power MOSFET Datasheet


Part Number STFI10LN80K5
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics (https://www.st.com/)
Title N채널 800V 8A(Tc) 20W(Tc) 스루홀 I2PAKFP(TO-281)
Description This very high voltage N-channel Power MOSFET is designed using MDmesh™ K5 technology based on an innovative proprietary vertical structure. The r...
Features Order code STFI10LN80K5 VDS 800 V RDS(on) max. 0.63 Ω ID 8A 1 23 I 2 PAKFP (TO-281) Figure 1: Internal schematic diagram D(2) G(1)
 Fully insulated and low profile package with increased creepage path from pin to heatsink plate
 Industry’s RDS(on) x area
 Industry’s best FoM (figure of merit...

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