Part Number NCP1530
Manufacturer ON
Title 600mA PWM/PFM Step-Down Converter
Description Pin Symbol Description 1 VIN Unregulated Supply Input. 2 SYN Oscillator Synchronization and Mode Selection Input. SYNC = GND (Automatic PWM...
Features include built−in undervoltage lockout, internal thermal shutdown, an externally programmable soft−start time and output current limit protection. The NCP1530 operates from a maximum input voltage of 5.0 V and is available in a space saving, low profile Micro8™ package. Features
• Pb−Free Package is ...

Datasheet NCP1530 pdf datasheet - 132.05KB


ON Semiconductor
Part Number NCP1532
Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Title Output Step-Down Converter
Description Pin Pin Name Type 1 FB1 Analog Input 2 EN1 Digital Input 3 VIN Analog / Power Input 4 SW1 Analog Output 5 GND Analog Ground 6 MODE/SY.
Features include integrated soft−start, cycle−by−cycle current limit and thermal shutdown protection. The device can also be synchronized to an external clock signal in the range of 2.25 MHz. The NCP1532 is available in a space saving, ultra low profile 3x3 x 0.55 mm 10 pin mDFN package. Features
• Up to 97%.

Datasheet NCP1532 pdf datasheet

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