LPA672 Super SIDELED High-Current LED Datasheet



Part Number LPA672
Manufacturer Siemens
Description Super SIDELED® High-Current LED LS A672, LO A672, LY A672 LG A672, LP A672 VPL06880 Besondere Merkmale q Gehäusefarbe: weiß q als optischer Ind...
Features q color of package: white q for use as optical indicator q appropriate for high ambient light because of the higher operating current (≤ 50 mA DC) q for backlighting, optical coupling into light pipes and lenses q suitable for all SMT assembly and reflow soldering methods q available taped on reel (...

Document Datasheet LPA672 datasheet pdf (172.42KB)


Part Number LPA672
Manufacturer OSRAM
Title High-Current LED
Description Super SIDELED® High-Current LED LG A672, LP A672 Abgekündigt nach PD_078_02 - werden durch LG A676 und LP A676 ersetzt werden Obsolete acc. to PD.
• package: white SMT package
• feature of the device: radiation direction parallel to PCB, so an ideal LED for coupling in light guides; higher permissible current
• wavelength: 570 nm (green), 560 nm (pure green)
• viewing angle: Lambertian Emitter (120°)
• technology: GaAsP (green), GaP (pure gree.

Document LPA672 datasheet pdf

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