Part Number EX1-2U1S
Manufacturer NEC
Title (EX1/EX2 Series) Automotive Relays
Description The new NEC EX2/EX1 series is PC-board mount type and the most suitable for various motor and heater controls in the automobiles which require hig...
• PC-board mounting
• Lead free solder is used
• Approx. 75% relay volume of ET2
• Approx. 65% relay volume of ET1
• Approx. 60% relay space of ET2
• Approx. 50% relay space of ET1
• Approx. 88% relay weight of ET2
• Approx. 78% relay weight of ET1 APPLICATIONS
• Motor control
• Solenoid control D...

Datasheet EX1-2U1S pdf datasheet - 243.31KB

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