DS2704 1280-Bit EEPROM Datasheet


Maxim Integrated Products
Part Number DS2704
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated (https://www.analog.com/) Products
Title EEPROM 1280-Bit EEPROM with SHA-1 Authenticatio
Description The DS2704 provides 1280 bits of EEPROM data storage and a Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) engine. The Dallas 1-WireÒ interface enables serial communi...
Features § § § § § Secure Challenge and Response Authentication Using the SHA-1 Algorithm Five Lockable 32-Byte Pages of EEPROM Dallas 1-Wire Interface with Standard and Overdrive Communications Speeds Unique 64-Bit Serial Number Compatible with DS2502 Memory Map and Read Function Command Operates with VDD a...

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Maxim Integrated Products
Part Number DS2705
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated Products
Title SHA-1 Authentication Master
Description The DS2705 provides the master side of a Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) based token authentication scheme. Hardware-based SHA authentication allows f.
Features § § Initiates Challenge-and-Response Authentication based on the SHA-1 Algorithm Dallas 1-Wire Master/Slave Interface Operates at Standard and Overdrive Speeds Input and Output pins for Initiating Challenge and Reporting Authentication Pass/Fail Programmable Configuration Operates from 2.5V to 5.5V .

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Dallas Semiconductor
Part Number DS2703
Manufacturer Dallas Semiconductor
Title SHA-1 Battery Pack Authentication IC
Description The DS2703 provides a robust cryptographic solution to ensure the authenticity of Li-Ion battery packs for cell phone, PDA, and portable computing.
Features Secure Challenge and Response Authentication Using the SHA-1 Algorithm ® Directly Powered by the Dallas 1-Wire Interface with 16kpbs Standard and 143kpbs Overdrive Communication Modes Unique 64-Bit Serial Number Thermistor Multiplexer Operates with VPULLUP as Low as 2.7V mMax-8 Package (Lead-Free) .

Document DS2703 datasheet pdf

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