Cypress Semiconductor
Part Number CY6117A-55LMB
Manufacturer Cypress Semiconductor
Title 2K x 8 Static RAM
Description the memory location specified on the adĆ dress pins (A0 through A10). ReadingthedeviceisaccomplishedbytakĆ ing chip enable (CE) and output enable...
Features D D D D D D D Automatic powerĆdown when deselected CMOS for optimum speed/power High speed Ċ 20 ns Low active power Ċ 550 mW Low standby power Ċ 110 mW TTLĆcompatible inputs and outputs Capable of withstanding greater than 2001V electrostatic discharge The CY6116A and CY6117A are highĆ performance...

Datasheet CY6117A-55LMB pdf datasheet - 466.37KB

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