C1300 PXO 9X14 J Leaded Surface Mount Package Datasheet


Vectron International
Part Number C1300
Manufacturer Vectron International
Title Rocker Switches SPST Rocker Switch
Description www.DataSheet4U.com C1300 Typical Applications Military Systems Avionics and Instrumentation Test Equipment Medical Equipment PXO Features 9X14...
Features 9X14 J Leaded Surface Mount Package Reflow Process Compatible ACMOS, TTL, LVPECL and LVDS MIL-PRF-55310 Class B Screening (optional) Military Operating Temperature Range (optional) Frequency Range 1 to 800 MHz (ACMOS and TTL outputs available up to 125 MHz. LVPECL and LVDS output frequencies above...

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Part Number C1309
Manufacturer SavantIC
Title Silicon NPN Transistor
Description ·With TO-3 package ·High voltage ,high speed APPLICATIONS ·For TV vertical deflection output applications PINNING(see fig.2) PIN DESCRIPTION 1 Bas.
Features 0 5V VCEsat Collector-emitter saturation voltage IC=5 A;IB=1.2 A 10 V VBEsat Base-emitter saturation voltage IC=5 A;IB=1.2 A 2V ICBO Collector cut-off current IEBO Emitter cut-off current VCB=1200V;IE=0 VEB=5V; IC=0 1.0 mA 1.0 mA hFE DC current gain IC=5A ; VCE=10V 10 2 SavantIC Semic.

Document C1309 datasheet pdf


Part Number C1308
Manufacturer SavantIC
Title Silicon NPN Transistor
Description ·With TO-3 package ·High voltage ·Low collector saturation voltage APPLICATIONS ·Color TV horizontal output applications PINNING(see Fig.2) PIN DE.
Features voltage IC=6A; IB=1.2A VBEsat Base-emitter saturation voltage IC=6A; IB=1.2A ICBO Collector cut-off current VCB=800V; IE=0 IEBO Emitter cut-off current VEB=5V; IC=0 hFE-1 DC current gain IC=1A ; VCE=5V hFE-2 DC current gain IC=4A ; VCE=5V Product Specification 2SC1308 MIN TYP. MAX UNI.

Document C1308 datasheet pdf


Part Number C1306
Manufacturer ETC
Title Silicon NPN Transistor
Description The 2SC1306 is a silicon NPN transistor in a TO220 type case designed for use in high power output amplifier stages such as citizen band communic.
Features e Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage Current Gain-Bandwidth Product Output Capacitance Power Output Collector Efficiency V(BR)CBO IC = 100µA, IB = 0 V(BR)CER IC = 1mA, RBE = 150 Ohm V(BR)EBO IE = 100µA, IC = 0 ICBO VCB = 40V IE = 0 IEBO VEB = 4V, IC = 0 hFE VCE = 5V, IC = 0.5A VCE(sat) IC = 1A, IB = 0.

Document C1306 datasheet pdf


Part Number C1301
Manufacturer CJT
Title 4.5mm pitch wire to wire connector
Description C1301 SERIES 4.50mm pitch wire to wire connector Specifications Current rating: 10A AC,DC Voltage rating: 300V AC,DC Temperature range: -25:C ã .
Features .

Document C1301 datasheet pdf

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