Anpec Electronics Coropration
Part Number APA2057A
Manufacturer Anpec Electronics Coropration
Title 2.4W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier
Description The APA2057A is a monolithic integrated circuit, which combines a stereo power amplifier and a stereo output capacitor-less headphone amplifier. T...
• Operating Voltage
  – HVDD= 3.0~3.6V
  – VDD= 4.5~5.5V
• No Output Capacitor at Headphone Amplifier Required
• Meeting VISTA Requirement
• Low Distortion AMP Mode
  – THD+N=56dB, at VDD = 5V, RL = 4Ω, PO=1.5W
  – THD+N=64dB, at V = 5V, DD R= L 8Ω, P =0.9W O HP Mode
  – THD+N=73dB, at HVDD=3.3V,...

Datasheet APA2057A pdf datasheet - 826.21KB

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