AM40T120 MOSFET Datasheet


AiT Semiconductor

Part Number AM40T120
Manufacturer AiT Semiconductor
Description The AM40T120 is available in TO-247 Package VCES IC 1200V 40A VCE 2.1V PD 367W FEATURES ⚫ Fast Switching ⚫ Low VCE(sat): 2.1V ⚫ Positive Te...
Features ⚫ Fast Switching ⚫ Low VCE(sat): 2.1V ⚫ Positive Temperature Coefficient ⚫ Very Soft, Fast Recovery Anti-Parallel Diode ⚫ Irrm: 12.3A APPLICATION ⚫ UPS ⚫ Welding Converters ⚫ Converters With High Switching Frequency PIN DESCRIPTION ORDERING INFORMATION Package Type Part Number TO-247 SPQ:30pcs...

Document Datasheet AM40T120 datasheet pdf (540.64KB)

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