AIM702S60V1 Intelligent Power Module Datasheet


Alpha & Omega Semiconductors

Part Number AIM702S60V1
Manufacturer Alpha & Omega Semiconductors
Description N/A AOS Green Products use reduced levels of Halogens, and are also RoHS compliant. Please visit https://aosmd.com/sites/default/files/media/AOSGreenPolicy.pdf for additional information. P U1 P V W U2 N COM VB(U) VB(V) VB(W) IN(UH) IN(VH) IN(WH) Vcc IN(UL) IN(VL) IN(WL) VCF Pin Description Pin ...
• 600V, RDS(on) = 4.2Ω (Max)
• Advanced MOSFET technology (αMOS5TM) for motor drives
• Low loss and EMI
• 3-phase Inverter module including HVIC drivers
• Wide input interface (3-18V), Schmitt trigger receiver circuit (Active High)
• Built-in bootstrap diodes with integrated current-limiting resistor
• Control supply under-voltage lockout protection (UVLO)
• Over-temperature (OT) protection
• Over-current protection (OCP)
• Controllable fault out signal (VCF) corresponding to OC, UV, OT fault
• Isolation ratings of 1500Vrms/min Applications
• AC 100~240Vrms class low power motor drives
• Fan m...

Document Datasheet AIM702S60V1 datasheet pdf (790.61KB)

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