BTA100-800B HAOHAI Specially Varieties 4Q-Triacs Datasheet

Part Number BTA100-800B
Manufacturer HAOHAI
Description 1 T1 2 3 G - 4 T2 5 Tab Pin Polarity Circuit Diagram TOP4 (TO-4PT or TO-228) Tab 1 2 3 4 T2 (2) T1 (1) G (3) H BT A ↓↓↓ 100 - 1600 ↓↓ IT(RMS) 100A 600=600V 800=800V 1000=1000V 1200=1200V 1400=1400V 1600=1600V 1800=1800V B_ ↓↓ IGT Ⅰ-Ⅱ-Ⅲ ≤50mA Package TOP4 HAOHAI ELECTRONICS...
Features ak on-state Current IGM Peak Gate Current I2t I2t Value for Fusing Consideration VDRM Repetitive peak off-state Voltages VRRM Repetitive peak Reverse Voltages PG(AV) Average gate power dissipation Tj Operating Junction Temperature Range Tstg Storage Junction Temperature Range Rth(j-c) Thermal Resistance−Junction−to−Case Rth(j-a) Thermal Resistance−Junction−to−Ambient
■ : ISOLATION LIMITING VALUE & CHARACTERISTIC (Ths=25 ℃ unless otherwise specified) Test Conditions TC=80℃ TJ=25℃, f=60Hz tp=20µs, Tj=125℃ tp=10mS, Tj=25℃ TJ=25℃ TJ=25℃ Tj=25℃ TOP4 Value 100 1000 8 6400 Unit ...

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Part Number Description
4 Quadrants TRIACs
High current density due to double mesa trchnology; BTA100 Series triacs is suitable for general purpose AC switching.  Applications: they can be used as an ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays,heating regulation,induction motor stating circuits... or for phase contol operation light dimmers,motorspeed controllers  Features: BTA100 series are insulated design Blocking voltage to 800/1000/12000/1600V On-state RMS current to 100A Non-repetitive peak on-state current to 1000A  Absolute Maximum Ratings 4 Quadrants TRIACs BTA100 Series Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Max Unit VDRM VRRM IT(RMS) Repetitive peak off-state voltage Repetitive peak Reverse voltage RMSon-sta...
isc Triacs BTA100-800B FEATURES · NPNPN five-layer silicon bidirectional device · With TO-P4 packaging · Advanced technology to provide customers with high commutation performances APPLICATIONS · General purpose motor control circuits · Home appliances · Phase control operations in light dimmers and motor speed controllers ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25℃) SYMBOL PARAMETER VDRM Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage VRRM Repetitive Peak Off-state Voltage IT(RMS) Non Repetitive Surge Peak On-state Current (full sine wave, TC= 80°C) ITSM Non-repetitive Peak On-state Current f=60Hz IGM Peak Gate Current, tp=20us,TJ = 125°C I2t I2t Value for Fusing (t=10ms) PG(AV) Average Gate Power D...

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