ECOS2AA331BL Panasonic Semiconductor Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Datasheet

Panasonic Semiconductor
Part Number ECOS2AA331BL
Manufacturer Panasonic Semiconductor
Description Panasonic Industrial Company Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors TS-HA/HB Series 105°C, 3000 hours Long 3000 hour life at 105°C with high ripple current capability 2 and 3 pin versions available Can vent construction Rated Working Voltage: Operating Temperature: Nominal Capacitance: Capacitance Tol...
Features ith maximum specified ripple current (see page 4) *2000 hours for 20mm length sizes **Use of temperature ripple current multipliers may limit life to the hours specified for the maximum operating temperature. Part Number System E C A B Series Code Capacitance Code A X L Suffix Standard Ratings Extended CV Ratings 20mm Length Ratings RoHS compliant PVC sleeve and top plate is standard. PET sleeve is available without top plate. Terminal Style Prefix Length # of Pins ECOS 6.3mm 2 ECEC 4.0mm 2 ECE3 4.0mm 3 A 0 C 6 E 25 V 35 H 50 Voltage Code J K 2A 2C 2D 2E 2T 2G 2W 63 80 00 ...

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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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