LPS100A-7 Optillis LED Backlight Power Control Datasheet

Part Number LPS100A-7
Manufacturer Optillis
Description The  Optillis  LPS100A  series  is  a  fixed  frequency  step-­‐up  DC/DC  converter  designed  to  drive  up  to  3  strings  of  LEDs  from  a   12V  supply.  This  board  was  designed  to  work  with  displays  from  the  Optrex...

• Low  Cost  
  –  Constant  Current  Led  Backlight  Driver  Board   Form  Factor  and  Control  Interface  compatible  to  existing  CCFL  Driver  Boards   3  /  4  wire  operation   97%  efficiency   RoHs   Extended  Temperature  Range   Power  on  soft  start       LCD  Support  

• 8.4”  Mitsubushi  AA084SB11   8.4”  Mitsubushi  AA084XB11     Specifications

• 6  
  –  18  VDC  input  voltage   -­‐30  to  85  C  operating  temperature   We...

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LPS100A-7 Similar Datasheet

Part Number Description
LED Backlight Power Control
The Optillis LPS100A series is a fixed frequency step-up DC/DC converter designed to drive up to 3 strings of LEDs from a 12V supply. This board was designed to work with the Optrex and Mitsubishi TFT-LCD display product line. Features Low Cost – Constant Current Led Backlight Driver Board Form Factor and Control Interface compatible to existing CCFL Driver Boards 3 / 4 wire operation 97% efficiency RoHs Extended Temperature Range Power on soft start LCD Support 6.5” Optrex T-55465GD065J-LW-A-AAN 6.5” Optrex T-55465GD065J-LW-A-AAN 6.5” Optrex T-55629D065J-LW-A-AAN Specifications 6 – 18 VDC input voltage -30 to 85 C operating temperature Weight 0.4 oz (10g) 0.800”W x 4.35”L x 0.4” H (1) SM...

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