Part Number PM600DVA060
Manufacturer MITSUBISHI
Description www.DataSheet.co.kr MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MODULES> PM600DVA060 PM600DVA060 FLAT-BASE FLAT-BASE TYPE TYPE INSULATED INSULATED PACKAGE PACKAGE PM600DVA060 FEATURE • 3φ 600A, 600V Current-sense IGBT for 20kHz switching • Monolithic gate drive & protecti...
• 3φ 600A, 600V Current-sense IGBT for 20kHz switching
• Monolithic gate drive & protection logic
• Detection, protection & status indication circuits for overcurrent, short-circuit, over-temperature & under-voltage (P-FO available from upper leg devices)
• Acoustic noise-less 55kW class inverter application
• UL Recognized Yellow Cord No. E80276(N) File No. E80271 APPLICATION General purpose inverter, servo drives and other motor controls PACKAGE OUTLINES 120 4
  –R6.5 106 ±0.25 10
  – 0.64 Dimensions in mm 45.5 34 N 76 ±0.25 90 3
  –M8NUTS C2E1 E2 C1 P 5 4 3 2 1 4
  –φ6.5 MOUNTING HOLES 28 28 ...

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