LM320081 Sharp LCD Module Datasheet

Part Number LM320081
Manufacturer Sharp
Description s I Scan start-up signal CP1 I Input data latch signal Data input clock signal CP2 VDD Power SUPPlY for logic and LCD 1 VSS I Ground potential (Ov) I 6 VEE Power SUPPIY for LCD 71DO 8 D1 Display data signal 9 D2 ~ 10 D3 VR1 11 LCD Contrast Adjust (A) I 12 VR2 LCD Contrast Ad.iust (B) Level “H “ I...
Features t, FSTN, Reflective, positive type) 2. Construction and Outline Construction : 320x240 full dot graphic display unit : See Fig. 8 . Outline : See Fig. 8 . and Table. 5 . Connection There shall be no scratches, stains, chips, distortions and other external drawbacks that may affect the display function. Rejection criteria shall be noted in Inspection Standard S-U-012-01. SPEC ~0 . www.DataSheet4U.com MODEL Yo. LM320081 PAGE SHARP .. . LC92X1OA 3. Mechanical Specifications Table 1 Specification 134(W) X 96(H) X 6.5 MAX(D) 1OO(W) X 76(H) 320(W) X 240(H) full dot 0.28(W) X 0.28(H) 0.02 Pa...

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Part Number Description
National Semiconductor
Step-Down DC-DC Converter
The LM3200 is a DC-DC converter optimized for powering RF power amplifiers (PAs) from a single Lithium-Ion cell. It steps down an input voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V to a variable output voltage of 0.8V to 3.6V. The output voltage is set using an analog input ( VCON) for optimizing efficiency of the RF PA at various power levels. The LM3200 offers superior features and performance for mobile phones and similar RF PA applications. Fixedfrequency PWM mode minimizes RF interference. Bypass mode turns on an internal bypass switch to power the PA directly from the battery. LM3200 has both forced and automatic bypass modes. Shutdown mode turns the device off and reduces battery consumption to 0.1 µA (ty...
Passive Matric LCD Unit
The SHARP LM320081 Passive Matrix LCD consists of 320 × 240 dots with an FSTN, reflective, positive-type panel. LCD Data Sheet FEATURES • Display Format: 320 × 240 • Overall Dimensions: 134 (W) × 96 (H) × 6.5 (D) mm • Active Area: 100 (W) × 76 (H) mm • Dot Pitch: 0.28 (W) × 0.28 (H) mm CP1 CP1,M S CONTROL LSI CP2 M GENERATOR IC8 CPU D0 - D3 RAM LSI5 E LSI6 LCD 320 x 240 DOT LSI7 80 80 80 80 LSI1 E0 LSI2 LSI3 E1 LSI4 VDD, VSS, VEE BIAS VOLTAGE GENERATOR IC9 VR1 VR2 5023-8 Figure 1. LM320081 Block Diagram LCD Data Sheet Page 1 LM320081 Passive Matrix LCD Unit www.DataSheet4U.com MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER SPECIFICATIONS UNIT NOTE Outline Dimensions Active ...

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