H2000CHXX Hind Rectifiers Limited PHASE CONTROL THYRISTOR Datasheet

Hind Rectifiers Limited
Part Number H2000CHXX
Manufacturer Hind Rectifiers Limited
Description www.DataSheet4U.com PHASE CONTROL THYRISTOR H2000CHXX TJ (0C) Symbol Characteristics Conditions Value Unit BLOCKING PARAMETERS VRRM VDRM IRRM IDRM Repetitive Repetitive voltage Repetitive Repetitive peak reverse voltage peak off-stage peak reverse current peak off-state current V = VRRM V = V...
Features 0 150 200 12 50 mA V mA W A/╬╝Sec V A THERMAL & MECHANICAL PARAMETERS R TH (J-C) RTH (C-HK) TJ TSTG F W Thermal impedance, 180 conduction, Sine Thermal impedance Maximum Permissible junction temperature Storage temperature range Mounting Torque Weight Junction to case Case to heatsink 0.015 0.005 125 -40 - 125 20 550 0 C/W C/W 0 0 0 C C KN gms HIND RECTIFIERS LTD 1 of 6 www.DataSheet4U.com PHASE CONTROL THYRISTOR H2000CHXX All dimensions in mm HIND RECTIFIERS LTD 2 of 6 www.DataSheet4U.com PHASE CONTROL THYRISTOR H2000CHXX On State Power Loss 5000 4500 4000 3500 0 1200 180 DC P...

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