TDA1074A NXP Dual tandem electronic potentiometer circuit Datasheet

Part Number TDA1074A
Manufacturer NXP (https://www.nxp.com/)
Description TDA1074A The TDA1074A is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for use as volume and tone control circuit in stereo amplifiers. This dual tandem potentiometer IC consists of two ganged pairs of electronic potentiometers with the eight inputs connected via impedance converters, and the four outp...
• High impedance inputs to both ‘ends’ of each electronic potentiometer
• Ganged potentiometers track within 0,5 dB
• Electronic rejection of supply ripple
• Internally generated reference level available externally so that the control voltage can be made to swing positively and negatively around a well-defined 0 V level
• The operational amplifiers have push-pull outputs for wide voltage swing and low current consumption
• The operational amplifier outputs are current limited to provide output short-circuit protection
• Although designed to operate from a 20 V supply (giving a maximum input a...

Document Datasheet TDA1074A datasheet pdf (167.72KB)

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