TC358771XBG Toshiba Mobile Peripheral Datasheet

TC358771XBG(EL) Display Interface Bridge 49-Pin VFBGA (Alt: TC358771XBG(EL))

Part Number TC358771XBG
Manufacturer Toshiba (https://www.toshiba.com/)
Description TC358771XBG/TC358772XBG CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TC358771XBG/TC358772XBG Mobile Peripheral Devices Overview TC358771XBG The TC358771XBG/TC358772XBG Functional Specification adds back light engine to function of TC358775XBG. TC358771XBG/TC358772XBG is the follow-up chip ...
● DSI Receiver  Configurable 1- up to 4-Data-Lane DSI Link with bi-directional support on Data Lane 0  Maximum bit rate of 1 Gbps/lane  Video input data formats: - RGB565 16 bits per pixel - RGB666 18 bits per pixel - RGB666 loosely packed 24 bits per pixel - RGB888 24 bits per pixel  Video frame size: - Up to 1600×1200 24-bit/pixel resolution to single-link LVDS display panel, limited by 135 MHz LVDS speed - Up to WUXGA resolutions (1920×1200 24-bit pixels) to dual-link LVDS display panel, limited by 4 Gbps DSI link speed  Supports Video Stream packets for video data transmission.  Supp...

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Display Interface Bridge 49-Pin VFBGA (Alt: TC358771XBG(EL))
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