MV1001SC SHINDENGEN LED Driver IC Datasheet

MV1001SC-5072 LED Lighting Drivers LED Driver IC

Part Number MV1001SC
Manufacturer SHINDENGEN
Description 1 (Ta=25℃) 1 Absolute Maximum Ratings (at Ta=25℃) 1-1 1-1 Thermal Ratings Item Storage temperature Junction temperature Total power dissipation   Symbol Tstg Tj Pt    Ratings -55~150 -40~150 1.5 Unit ℃ ℃ W 1-2 1-2 Electrical Ratings Item Vin Vin maximum applied voltage   Symbol Vin  ...
Features hout notice. 2 2 Recommended Operation Conditions Item Operating temperature Vin Vin applied voltage Vcc Vcc applied voltage   Symbol Top Vin Vcc    Recommended value min typ max Unit -30 --- 125 ℃ 50 --- 225 V --- --- 16 V : のにおいても、にしましてはおのによりなりますので、をされる にごされるには、 Tj=100℃でごくをします。 Notes : The product life depends on the condition of use even within the above operating conditions. Using at Tj = 100℃ or less is recommended for the equipment where a long life is expected. 5SK-125057-2 3
・ (Ta=25℃) 3 Electrical/Thermal Characteristics (at Ta=25℃) Item   Symbol Vcc (Vcc Terminal)...

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LED Lighting Drivers LED Driver IC
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