TLVM13630 3-A Power Module Datasheet


Texas Instruments
Part Number TLVM13630
Manufacturer Texas Instruments (https://www.ti.com/)
Title Switching Voltage Regulators High-density, 3-V to 36-V input, 1-V to 6-V output, 3-A step-down power module 30-B0QFN -40 to 125
Description The TLVM13630 synchronous buck power module is a highly integrated 36-V, 3-A DC/DC solution that combines power MOSFETs, a shielded inductor, and passives in an Enhanced HotRod™ QFN package. The module has pins for VIN and VOUT located at the corners of the package for optimized input and output ca...
• Versatile synchronous buck DC/DC module
  – Integrated MOSFETs, inductor, and controller
  – Wide input voltage range of 3 V to 36 V
  – Adjustable output voltage from 1 V to 6 V with 1% setpoint accuracy over temperature
  – 4-mm × 6-mm × 1.8-mm overmolded package
  –40°C to 125°C junction temperature range
  – Frequency adjustable from 200 kHz to 2.2 MHz
  – Negative output voltage capability
• Ultra-high efficiency across the full load range
  – 93% peak efficiency at 12 VIN, 5 VOUT,1 MHz
  – External bias option for improved efficiency
  – Shutdown quiescent current of 0.6 µA (typical)
  – 0.4-V typical dro...

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