STL10N60M2 N-channel Power MOSFET Datasheet


Part Number STL10N60M2
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics (https://www.st.com/)
Title Trans MOSFET N-CH 600V 5.5A 8-Pin Power Flat EP T/R
Description This device is an N-channel Power MOSFET developed using a new generation of MDmesh™ technology: MDmesh II Plus™ low Qg. This revolutionary Power ...
Features 1 2 3 4 PowerFLAT™ 5x6 HV Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram D(5, 6, 7, 8) 8 76 5 G(4) S(1, 2, 3) 12 34 Top View AM15540v3 Order code STL10N60M2 VDS @ TJmax 650 V RDS(on) max 0.660 Ω ID 5.5 A
• Extremely low gate charge
• Lower RDS(on) x area vs previous generation
• Low gate input res...

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Part Number STL10N60M6
Manufacturer STMicroelectronics
Title N-channel Power MOSFET
Description The new MDmesh™ M6 technology incorporates the most recent advancements to the well-known and consolidated MDmesh family of SJ MOSFETs. STMicroele.
Features Order code VDS RDS(on) max. STL10N60M6 600 V 660 mΩ
• Reduced switching losses
• Lower RDS(on) per area vs previous generation
• Low gate input resistance
• 100% avalanche tested
• Zener-protected ID 5.5 A PTOT 48 W Applications
• Switching applications G(4)
• LLC converters
• Boost PFC co.

Document STL10N60M6 datasheet pdf

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