RTQ2533E Low-Dropout Linear Regulator Datasheet



Part Number RTQ2533E
Manufacturer Richtek
Description The RTQ2533E is a high-current (3A), low-noise (6.8VRMS), high accuracy (1% over line, load, and temperature), low-dropout linear regulator (LDO)...
Features ⚫ Input Voltage Range: 1.1V to 6.5V ⚫ Two Output Voltage Modes ⚫ 0.5 V to 5.5V (Set by a Resistive Divider) ⚫ 0.5V to 2.075V (Set via PCB Layout, No External Resistor Required) ⚫ Accurate Output Voltage Accuracy (1%) Over Line, Load, and Temperature ⚫ PSRR: 44dB at 500kHz ⚫ Noise Immunity ⚫ 6.8VRMS...

Document Datasheet RTQ2533E datasheet pdf (1.80MB)

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