RTQ2102B-QA Synchronous Step-Down Converter Datasheet



Part Number RTQ2102B-QA
Manufacturer Richtek
Description The RTQ2102A and RTQ2102B are 1.5A, high-efficiency, Advanced Constant-On-Time (ACOT® ) synchronous stepdown converters. The device operates with ...
Features ⚫ AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Qualified ⚫ Input Supply Voltage Range: 3V to 6V ⚫ Output Voltage Range: 0.45V to VIN ⚫ 1.5A Converter Integrated 110m and 90m FETS in WDFN-8L 3x3 Package ⚫ Advanced Constant On-Time (ACOT®) Control  Ultrafast Transient Response  No Needs for External Compensations  Optimized...

Document Datasheet RTQ2102B-QA datasheet pdf (1.32MB)

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