NSF040120L4A0 N-channel SiC MOSFET Datasheet


Part Number NSF040120L4A0
Manufacturer nexperia (https://www.nexperia.com/)
Title SiC MOSFETs NSF040120L4A0/SOT8071/TO247-4L
Description The NSF040120L4A0 is a Silicon Carbide based 1200 V power MOSFET in a well-established 4-pin TO-247 plastic package for through hole PCB mounting ...
Features and benefits
• Excellent RDSon temperature stability
• Very low switching losses
• Fast reverse recovery
• Fast switching speed
• Temperature independent turn-off switching losses
• Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode
• Faster commutation and improved switching due to the additional Kelvin sou...

Document Datasheet NSF040120L4A0 datasheet pdf (325.15KB)
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