HN4K03JU Silicon N-Channel MOSFET Datasheet



Part Number HN4K03JU
Manufacturer Toshiba (https://www.toshiba.com/)
Description TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel MOS Type HN4K03JU HN4K03JU High Speed Switching Applications Analog Switch Applications Unit: mm z High input impedance z Low gate threshold voltage: Vth = 0.5 to 1.5V z Excellent switching times z Small package Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25...
Features iate reliability upon reviewing the Toshiba Semiconductor Reliability Handbook (“Handling Precautions”/“Derating Concept and Methods”) and individual reliability data (i.e. reliability test report and estimated failure rate, etc). *: Total rating Start of commercial production 1997-02 1 2014-03-01 HN4K03JU Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C) (Q1, Q2 Common) Characteristics Gate leakage current Drain-Source breakdown voltage Drain cut-off current Gate threshold voltage Forward transfer admittance Drain-Source ON resistance Input capacitance Reverse transfer capacitance Output ...

Document Datasheet HN4K03JU datasheet pdf (335.07KB)

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