HN4B101J Silicon NPN/PNP Epitaxial Type Transistor Datasheet


Part Number HN4B101J
Manufacturer Toshiba (https://www.toshiba.com/)
Title Transistor NPN/PNP Dual 30V 1.2A SMV, PK
Description HN4B101J TOSHIBA Transistor Silicon PNP / NPN Epitaxial Type (PCT Process) HN4B101J MOS Gate Drive Applications Switching Applications • Small footprint due to a small and thin package • High DC current gain : hFE = 200 to 500 (IC = −0.12 A) • Low collector-emitter saturation: PNP VCE (sat) = −0.20...
Features ector (NPN) 5. Collector (PNP) JEDEC ― JEITA ― TOSHIBA 2-3L1A Weight: 0.014g (typ.) Collector power dissipation (DC) Single-device operation PC (Note 2) 0.55 W Junction temperature Storage temperature range Tj 150 °C Tstg −55 to 150 °C Note 1: Ensure that the channel temperature does not exceed 150°C during use of the device. Note 2: Mounted on an FR4 board (glass-epoxy; 1.6 mm thick; Cu area, 645 mm2) Note 3: Using continuously under heavy loads (e.g. the application of high temperature/current/voltage and the significant change in temperature, etc.) may cause this produ...

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