GAN111-650WSB Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET Datasheet



Part Number GAN111-650WSB
Manufacturer nexperia (https://www.nexperia.com/)
Description The GAN111-650WSB is a 650 V, 97 mΩ Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET in a TO-247 package. It is a normally-off device that combines Nexperia’s latest hig...
Features and benefits
• Ultra-low reverse recovery charge
• Simple gate drive (0 V to +10 V or +12 V)
• Robust gate oxide (±20 V capability)
• High gate threshold voltage (+4 V) for very good gate bounce immunity
• Very low source-drain voltage in reverse conduction mode
• Transient over-voltage capability ...

Document Datasheet GAN111-650WSB datasheet pdf (390.86KB)

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