EMP29N04AS Single N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor Datasheet


Excelliance MOS

Part Number EMP29N04AS
Manufacturer Excelliance MOS
Description N-CH BVDSS 40V RDSON (MAX.)@VGS=10V RDSON (MAX.)@VGS=4.5V 3.6mΩ 4.8mΩ ID @TC=25℃ 83.0A ID @TA=25℃ 16.0A Single N Channel MOSFET UIS, Rg 100% Tested Pb-Free Lead Plating & Halogen Free ▪ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = 25 °C Unless Otherwise Noted) PARAMETERS/TEST CONDITIONS SYMBOL Gate-...
Features o-Ambient3 RθJA 1Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature. 2Duty cycle < 1% 375°C / W when mounted on a 1 in2 pad of 2 oz copper. 4Guarantee by Engineering test 2020/7/20 A.1 EMP29N04AS LIMITS ±20 83 52 16 13 196 56 156.8 78.4 41.7 16.7 1.7 1.1 -55 to 150 UNIT V A mJ W W °C MAXIMUM 3 75 UNIT °C/W P.1 EMP29N04AS ▪ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TJ = 25 °C, Unless Otherwise Noted) PARAMETER SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS MIN STATIC Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage4 Gate Threshold Voltage4 Gate-Body Leakage4 Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current4 On-State Drain Current1 Drain-Source On-...

Document Datasheet EMP29N04AS datasheet pdf (534.54KB)

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