EM5213 High Current Power Distribution Switches Datasheet


Excelliance MOS
Part Number EM5213
Manufacturer Excelliance MOS
Description The EM5213 is an N-channel MOSFET high-side power switch without parasitic body diode between drain and source. The EM5213 provides very low on-resistance as 40m and continuously delivers up to 3.4A output current. The fault flag output function indicates fault conditions to the local USB controlle...
Features include soft start, current limit protection, Power-On-Reset function, and over temperature protection. The EM5213 is available in SOT23-5L and DFN2X2-06 package. Ordering Information Part Number EM5213AJ-34 EM5213J-34 EM5213AJ-30 EM5213J-30 EM5213AJ-25 EM5213J-25 EM5213AVA-30 EM5213VA-30 Package SOT23-5 SOT23-5 SOT23-5 SOT23-5 SOT23-5 SOT23-5 DFN2X2-06 DFN2X2-06 Remark 3.4A/Active High 3.4A/Active Low 3A/Active High 3A/Active Low 2.5A/Active High 2.5A/Active Low 3A/Active High 3A/Active Low
 UL Recognized Applications
 Notebook & Netbook &MB Pin Configuration SOT23-5 Features T...

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Excelliance MOS
Part Number EM5210
Manufacturer Excelliance MOS
Title 2A Single Load Switch
Description Applications EM5210 The EM5210 is a small, low RON load switch with controlled turn on. The device contains an N-channel MOSFET that can operat.
 2A Single Input Load Switch
 Wide VIN Range from 1.2V to 5.5V
 Smaller Size SOT23-6 Package
 Under-Voltage Lock Out
 Reverse Voltage Protection
 Quick Output Discharged 2016/8/9 A.0 1 Pin Assignment EM5210 Pin Name Pin No. Pin Function GND 2,5 Ground. Input Voltage. This is the drai.

Document EM5210 datasheet pdf

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