EM1109BV 1A Low Dropout and Adjustable Mode Regulator Datasheet


Excelliance MOS

Part Number EM1109BV
Manufacturer Excelliance MOS
Description The EM1109BV performs ultra- low drop voltage, high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), fast response, low noise linear regulator, and designed ...
Features include soft start, current limit protection, Power-On-Reset function, and over temperature protection. The EM1109BV is available in DFN3X3-08L package. Ordering Information Part Number Package EM1109BV-XX DFN3X3-08L XX: Output Voltage AJ: Adjust 10: 1.00V 12: 1.20V 15: 1.50V 18: 1.80V 25: 2.50...

Document Datasheet EM1109BV datasheet pdf (1.51MB)

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