CXP81800 CMOS 8-bit Single Chip Microcomputer Datasheet


Sony Corporation

Part Number CXP81800
Manufacturer Sony Corporation
Description The CXP81800 is a CMOS 8-bit single chip microcomputer of piggyback/evaluator combined type, which is developed for evaluating the function of the...
• A wide instruction set (213 instructions) which cover LQFP supported QFP supported various types of data
  – 16-bit operation/multiplication and division/ boolean bit operation instructions
• Minimum instruction cycle 333ns at 12MHz operation (3.0 to 5.5V) 250ns at 16MHz operation (4.5 to 5.5V) 122µ...

Document Datasheet CXP81800 datasheet pdf (542.90KB)

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