ADS40D80H 4 Quadrants Triacs Datasheet



Part Number ADS40D80H
Manufacturer ADV
Description High current density due to mesa technology . the ADS40D triac series is suitable for general purpose AC switching. They can be used as an ON/OFF ...
Features ◆ Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage: 600Vand800V ◆ R.M.S On-State Current ( IT(RMS)= 40A ) ◆ These Devices are Pb-Free and are RoHS Compliant 2.T2 3.Gate 1.T1 2 1 23 TO-3P Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol VDRM VRRM IT(RMS) ITSM I2t dI/dt IGM PG(AV) PGM Tj TSTG Items Conditions Repetitive Peak O...

Document Datasheet ADS40D80H datasheet pdf (263.57KB)

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