UC3383 Unisonic Technologies STEP-UP DC/DC CONVERTERS Datasheet

Unisonic Technologies
Part Number UC3383
Manufacturer Unisonic Technologies
Description The UTC UC3383 Series are PFM step-up DC/DC switching converter. The UTC UC3383 can support both large and small currents. It automatically switches duty ratio (45%/75%) when it senses changes in load. Both built-in and external transistor types include 5-pin and 3-pin packages, which are provided w...
Features * Output Voltage Range: 2.0V~7.0V in 0.1V Increments * Operating (Start-up) Voltage Range: 0.9V~10V * Highly Accurate: Set-up Voltage ±2.5% * Maximum Oscillator Frequency (Max Fosc1): 180kHz (±15%) * Variable Duty Ratio: 45%/75% (±5%) * Both Switching Transistor Built-in and External Types are Available * 5-Lead Package Offer Chip Enable or Independent VOUT Pin Option. CMOS IC 4 5 3 12 SOT-25 1 SOT-89
 RDERING INFORMATION Ordering Number Lead Free Halogen Free Package UC3383L-xx-AB3-R UC3383G-xx-AB3-R SOT-89 UC3383L-xx-AF5-R UC3383G-xx-AF5-R SOT-25 Note: Pin Assignment: NC: No Conn...

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Part Number Description
Unisonic Technologies
The UTC UC33063A is a monolithic regulator subsystem, intended for use as DC to DC converter. This device contains a temperature compensated band gap reference, a duty-cycle control oscillator, driver and high current output switch. It can be used for step down, step-up or inverting switching regulators as well as for series pass regulators.  FEATURES * Operation from 3.0V to 40V. * Short Circuit Current Limiting. * Low Standby Current. * Output Switch Current of 1.5A without External Transistors. * Frequency of Operation from 100Hz to 100kHz. * Step-up, Step-down or Inverting Switch Regulators.  ORDERING INFORMATION Ordering Number Lead Free Halogen Free UC33063AL-D08-T UC33063AG-D0...
Unisonic Technologies
The UC3380 is PWM step up DC-DC switching controller that operates from 0.9V. The low start up input voltage makes UC3380 specially designed for powering portable equipment from one or two cells battery packs. This device consist of a soft start circuit, a reference voltage source, an error amplifier, an oscillator, a phase compensation, a PWM controller and an output drive circuit for driving external power transistor. Additionally, a chip enable feature is provided to power down the converter for extended battery life. The device features a voltage mode PWM control loop, providing stable and high efficiency operation over a broad load current range. „ FEATURES * 0.9V Low Start-Up Input ...

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