IS1681S Chenbing IS1681S Datasheet

Part Number IS1681S
Manufacturer Chenbing
Description ------------------------------------------------------- ----- ---------C---a-o--’R----T--e-l-:--1-3--5-9--0--4-6--0-2--1-9----Q---Q--:--1-6--1-7--1-5--3--5-2--3---------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Features IC MIC MIC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .: .: A.,,、 ,,。 B.,。 。。 C.PCB : PCB ,, ,,。 .: ...

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OPIC Light Detector for X40 Speed CD-ROM Drive
Sharp's IS1682 is OPIC light detectors which are used for pick-up in X40 speed CD-ROM drive. They improve noise resistance characteristics and enable to read low reflective CD-RW due to built-in RF amp. OPIC Light Detector Outline Dimensions 10 9 8 7 6 (Unit: mm) 0.35 2.0 (2.2) 0.4 Features (1) High speed response(Response frequency: MIN. 45MHz) (Best suited for optical pick-up in X40 speed CD-ROM drive) (2) With built-in RF amplifier 0.15 (Integrates 6-division PIN photodiode and P=0.8 amplifier circuit onto a single chip) 1 2 3 4 5 Terminal connection (3) Compact and thin package 1 VD 6 VE 5.0 (Dimensions: 5.0 x 4.0 x 1.5mm) 2 VA 7 GND (4) Possible to supply custom-made detecting p...
Stereo Bluetooth Module
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 、: 、 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 、 PIN NAME TYPE FUNCTION 1 P30 Digital AUX (H-,L-AUX ) 2 MFB Digital / 3 VOL+ Audio 4 VOL- Audio 5 DOWN1 Digital 6 UP1 Digital 7 Play/pause Digital / 8 1V8 Power LDO1.8V 9 GND2 Power 10 VBAT1 Power 11 LED1 Sink 1 12 LED2...
OPIC Light Detector
IS1685 OPIC Light Detector for DVD Player (X6 Speed) IS1685 s Features 1. OPIC light detector with built-in RF amplifier (Integrates 6-division PIN photodiode and Amp. IC onto a single chip) 2. High speed response (Response frequency : MIN. 57.4MHz) 3. Can read various discs such as DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, CD-ROM, CD-R 4. High sensitivity 5. Compact and thin package (Package dimensions : 5.0x4.0x1.5mm) 6. Possible to supply custom-made detecting patterns 7. Pair use with SHARP's laser diode is recommended. Laser diode : 650nm band GH06510A2A/B s Applications 1. DVD drives 2. CD-ROM drives s Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25°C) Parameter Symbol Rating Unit Supply voltage *1 Output voltage ...
Noise Reduction Mono Headset
ISSC IS1685S is a compact, high integration, ultra-low cost, CMOS single-chip RF + baseband IC for Bluetooth v3.0(EDR) (Enhanced Data Rate) 2.4GHz applications. This chip is fully compliant with Bluetooth specification and completely backward-compatible with Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 or 2.1 systems. It incorporates Bluetooth 1M/2M/3Mbps RF, single-cycle 8051, TX/RX modem, memory controller, task/hopping controller, UART interface, and ISSC Bluetooth software stack to achieve the required Bluetooth v3.0(EDR) functions. The IS1685S is designed to support high quality voice application, an audio engine and a high performance mono CODEC are integrated for this purpose. The audio engine provides th...

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