CJX2-6511 CNC AC CONTACTOR Datasheet

Part Number CJX2-6511
Manufacturer CNC
Description Deliver Power ToOur Life AC CONTACTOR B 06 CJX2 series AC Contactor is suitable for using in the circuits the rated voltage up to 660VAC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated current up to 95A, for making & breaking,frequently starting & controllingthe AC mot or. Com bin ed with the auxiliary contact block, timer d...
Features te:3 pole is normal type,not remarked in the type name. Type CJX2-0910*. CJX2-0901*. CJX2-1210*. CJX2-1201*. CJX2-1810*. CJX2-1801*. CJX2-2510*. CJX2-2501*. CJX2-3210*. CJX2-3201*. CJX2-4011*. CJX2-5011*. CJX2-6511*. CJX2-8011*. CJX2-9511*. CHANGCHENG ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT GROUP CO.,LTD Deliver Power ToOur Life AC CONTACTOR Type CJX2-09 CJX2-12 CJX2-18 CJX2-25 CJX2-32 CJX2-40 CJX2-50 CJX2-65 CJX2-80 CJX2-95 Main circuit characteristic Rated operation voltage (Ue) V 380,660 Rated insulation voltage (Ui) V 690 Rated thermal current (Ith) A 20 20 32 40 50 60 80 80 125 125 B AC-3.38...

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CJX2-6511 Similar Datasheet

Part Number Description
AC Contactor
CJX2 9 10 * · Coil Frequency Coil Voltage Auxiliary contact Rate current Model Reference CJX2910*· CJX2901*· CJX21210*· CJX21201*· CJX21810*· CJX21801*· CJX22510*· CJX22501*· CJX23210*· CJX23201*· CJX24011*· CJX25011*· CJX26511*· CJX28011*· CJX29511*· Coil voltage code coil voltage * 24V B 36V 110V CF 127V S 220V M 380V Q 400V V Coil frequency code coil frequency · 50Hz 5 60Hz 6 CJX2 AC Contactor Standard: IEC 60947-4-1 Technical Data Model CJX2-09 CJX2-12 CJX2-18 CJX2-25 CJX2-32 CJX2-40 CJX2-50 CJX2-65 CJX2-80 CJX2-95 Main circuit characteristics Rated operational voltage V 400, 690 Rated insulation voltage V 690 Conventional thermal current A 25 25 32 40 50 60...
AC contactor
AC contactor CJX2-1201 CJX2-1810 CJX2-2510 CJX2-3210 CJX2-D5011 CJX2-D9511 CJX2 AC Contactor( including LC1-D contactor and LC1-F Contactor),it is suitable for using in the circuit up to the rated voltage 1000V AC 50/60 Hz,and three phase,rated voltage 380V,rated current up to 630A.to switch on and off the circuit at a distance.It is also used as unfrequent start,stop and reversal of AC motor,it is combined into the electromagnetic starter with the thermal relay,combined with the auxiliary contact block,air delayer&machine-interlocking devices,it becomes the delay contactor,mechanical interlocking contactor,star-delta starter,the contactor is produced according to the standard IEC60947-4...

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