AR6001X Atheros ROCm Single-Chip MAC/BB/Radio Datasheet


Part Number AR6001X
Manufacturer Atheros
Description The Atheros AR6001X is part of the AR6001 ROCm chipset family. It is a highly integrated, all-CMOS, single chip solution for combined cellular/handset applications and includes a 2.4/ 5 GHz radio, analog-to-digital and digital-toanalog converters, a baseband processor, multiprotocol media access con...
■ All-CMOS single chip for IEEE 802.11a/g compatible WLANs
■ Operates in 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. Freq 2.4 GHz 5 GHz Bands U-NII ISM DSRC Europe Japan Frequency 2.312
  –2.472 GHz, 2.484 GHz 5.15
  –5.35 GHz, 5.725
  –5.825 GHz 5.725
  –5.850 GHz 5.850
  –5.925 GHz 5.15
  –5.35 GHz, 5.47
  –5.725 GHz 4.90
  –5.00 GHz, 5.03
  –5.091 GHz, 5.15
  –5.25, 5.25
  –5.35 GHz
■ Data rates of 6
  –54 Mbps for 802.11a and 1
  –54 Mbps for 802.11g
■ Integrated MIPS R4KEm CPU, clocked at up to 141 MHz
■ 4 KB D-cache and 8 KB I-cache
■ 80 KB on-chip SRAM, 256 KB on-chip ROM
■ Stack-mounted 512 KB Flash
■ UART and serial EEPROM
■ Host i...

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