3K3A1-25 BetaTHERM Chip Thermistors Datasheet

Part Number 3K3A1-25
Manufacturer BetaTHERM
Description BetaTHERM Sensors BetaCHIP Thermistor Series VII BetaCHIP Thermistor Series VII Photo ? Thermistor Configuration 32 AWG Tin Plated Copper Alloy Lead Wires Thermally Conductive Epoxy Coating 2.413mm (0.095Ó) Max. Dia. 76.2mm +/-3.3mm (3.00Ó +/-0.13Ó) Example: BetaCHIP Series VII Part Number ...
Features ¥ Rapid Time Response (1 second typical in liquids). ¥ DC (Dissipation Constant) = 0.75mW/oC typical in still air at 25oC. ¥ Min./Max. Temperature Exposure = -80oC to 150oC. ¥ Available in custom probe assemblies. ¥ Proven Stability and Reliability. ¥ Alloy Lead Wires for reduced thermal conductivity ("stem effect"). The BetaCHIP +/-1% @ 25oC Thermistor Series are small epoxy coated devices with solid tin plated lead wires. The series offers an economical alternative to the precision BetaCURVE Series for a wide variety of customer applications such as temperature control and thermal compensati...

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