12F20HF3 Jilin Sino FAST RECOVER DIODE Datasheet

Jilin Sino
Part Number 12F20HF3
Manufacturer Jilin Sino
Description of Changes 2009-11-11 200811B 200911C 、 ; 12F20X3 12F20C3/HF3 :200911C 6/6 ...
Features ditions Value(min) Value(typ) Value(max) VRRM IR =50μA 200 IR Tj =25℃ Tj =125℃ VR=VRRM VF Tj =25℃ Tj =125℃ IF=6A 0.90 0.86 10 200 1.1 IF=1A, VR=30V, diF/dt=-200A/μs TRR Tj =25℃ IF=6A Tj =125℃ VR=100V diF/dt=-200A/μs 20 30 28 40 Unit V μA μA V V ns ns ns THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Thermal resistance from junction to case TO-220C TO-22OHF Symbol Rth(j-c) Value(min) Value(max) Unit 4.0 ℃/W 4.5 :200911C 2/6 R ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (curves) IF vs VF 12F20C3/HF3 IR vs VR IF(AV) vs TC CT vs VR :200911C 3/6 R PACKAGE MECHANICAL DATA TO-220C 12F20C3/...

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