S2-L-DC48V Panasonic 2a2b/3a1b/4a 4A polarized power relay Datasheet

SFS2-L-DC48V-D Safety Relays SF Relay Slim t

Part Number S2-L-DC48V
Manufacturer Panasonic
Description S 2a2b/3a1b/4a 4 A polarized power relay S RELAYS 7. Low thermal electromotive force relay High sensitivity (low power consumption) is realized by 4G-BA technology. Separation of the coil and spring sections has resulted in a relay with extremely low levels of thermal electromotive force (approx. 0...
Features 1. Compact with high sensitivity The high-efficiency polarized electromagnetic circuits of the 4-gap balanced armature and our exclusive spring alignment method achieves, with high-sensitivity in a small package, a relay that can be directly controlled by a driver chip. 2. Strong resistance to vibration and shock Use of 4G-BA technology realizes strong resistance to vibration and shock. 3. High reliability and long life Our application of 4G-BA technology, along with almost perfectly complete twin contact, ensures minimal contact bounce and high reliability. 4. Ability to provide wide-ranging...

Document Datasheet S2-L-DC48V datasheet pdf (441.70KB)
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