AN10981 NXP GreenChip TEA1738 series fixed frequency flyback controller Datasheet

Part Number AN10981
Manufacturer NXP (https://www.nxp.com/)
Description second issue Modifications: • • TEA1738GT added throughout the application note. Position of RT1 and R17 changed on Figure 1 and Figure 22. v.1 20101206 first issue Contact information For more information, please visit: http://www.nxp.com For sales office addresses, please send an email to: ...

• SMPS controller IC enabling low cost applications Large input voltage range (12 V to 30 V, 35 V peak allowed for 100 ms) Very low supply current during start and restart (typically 10 μA) Low supply current during normal operation (typically 500 μA, no load) Overpower compensation (high/low line compensation) Adjustable overpower time-out Adjustable overpower restart timer Fixed frequency with frequency jitter to reduce EMI Frequency reduction with fixed minimum peak current at low power operation to maintain high efficiency at low output power levels Frequency incr...

Document Datasheet AN10981 datasheet pdf (569.05KB)

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