CX11VSM STATEK Surface Mount Quartz Crystal Datasheet

Part Number CX11VSM
Manufacturer STATEK
Description Designed and manufactured in the USA, Statek’s CX11VSM tuning-fork quartz crystal has an extremely small footprint (3.2 mm x 1.5 mm) and a very low profile (under 1 mm). For applications where space or mass are a premium, the small size and low mass of the CX11VSM make it the ideal choice. FEATURES...
Features glass lid ceramic lid PACKAGE DIMENSIONS Ultra-miniature Low profile (less than 1 mm) Low mass (12 mg for SM1 with ceramic lid) Surface mount Available with ceramic or glass lid High shock and vibration survival Excellent aging characteristics Ideal for low power applications Full military testing available Designed and manufactured in the USA DIM A B C D TYPICAL inches mm 0.127 3.20 0.060 1.50 0.027 0.69 MAXIMUM inches mm 0.135 3.43 0.068 1.73 see below 0.037 0.94 APPLICATIONS Medical CRM Infusion pumps Diabetes Control SUGGESTED LAND PATTERN Glass Ceramic THICKNESS (DIM C) Lid Termina...

Document Datasheet CX11VSM datasheet pdf (167.24KB)

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