CX11LHG STATEK Ultra-Miniature AT Quartz Crystal Datasheet

Part Number CX11LHG
Manufacturer STATEK
Description CX11LHG is a high performance quartz crystal designed to survive the most extreme shock and high vibration application environments. Low acceleration sensitivity and low aging performance meets the most demanding requirements. Available with tight calibration tolerances and high stability over temp...
Features PACKAGE DIMENSIONS Mechanical shock survivability up to 75,000 g Ultra-low profile - typical height of 0.5 mm Low acceleration sensitivity available Hermetically sealed ceramic package Excellent aging characteristics Full military testing available Designed, manufactured and tested in the USA APPLICATIONS Industrial & Communications Down-hole Data Recorder Process Control Environmental Control Engine Control Telemetry Ruggedized Instrumentation Automotive Control Military & Aerospace Smart Munitions Timing Devices (Fuzes) Surveillance Devices Missile Telemetry Ruggedized Communications Avia...

Document Datasheet CX11LHG datasheet pdf (248.12KB)

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CX11LHG Similar Datasheet

Part Number Description
Ultra-Miniature Surface Mount Quartz Crystal
When miniaturization is paramount, Statek’s low profile CX11L AT quartz crystal is an excellent choice. Available in frequencies from 16 MHz to 250 MHz, this crystal has a typical footprint of 3.2 mm x 1.5 mm, and a typical height of 0.5 mm. The resonator is manufactured using Statek’s photolithographic and chemical milling processes and then sealed within a ceramic package for high stability and low aging. Available with tight calibration tolerances and high stability over temperature, this crystal is well suited for applications that have a space restraint and require a crystal with a low profile. FEATURES ceramic lid PACKAGE DIMENSIONS Ultra-miniature, surface mount design Ultra-low pr...

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