ELJRF1N5DF2 Panasonic Semiconductor Chip inductors Datasheet

Panasonic Semiconductor
Part Number ELJRF1N5DF2
Manufacturer Panasonic Semiconductor
Description www.DataSheet4U.com Chip Inductors Chip Inductors Series: Type: Japan Chip RF, RE, ND, NC, NA, FC, FA, FB, SA, PE, PC, PA, EA RF (Size 1005) 1E (Size 1608) ND (Size 2012) 1C (Size 2520) 1A (Size 3225) FB (Size 4532) Non winding (RF, 1E) and wire wound type chip inductors for automatic mount...
Features q High Q q Good for mounting q Wide allowable range (1.0 nH to 1000 ┬ÁH) s Recommended Applications q CTV, VTR, HIC, HDD, FDD, Cordless telephones, Portable telephones Pagers, Video cameras s Explanation of Part Numbers E L J F A 2 2 1 J F www.DataSheet4U.com Chip Inductors s Inductance, Size Guide www.DataSheet4U.com Chip Inductors 1. Non Magnetic Core Types RF, RE, ND, NC, NA s Examples : Type 1005(0402)RF Inductnce Part No. ELJRF1N0DF2 ELJRF1N2DF2 ELJRF1N5DF2 ELJRF1N8DF2 ELJRF2N2DF2 ELJRF2N7DF2 ELJRF3N3DF2 ELJRF3N9DF2 ELJRF4N7DF2 ELJRF5N6DF2 ELJRF6N8JF2 ELJRF8N2JF2 ELJRF10NJF...

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