DG-K301 Daewoo DVD PLAYER Service Manual Datasheet

Part Number DG-K301
Manufacturer Daewoo
Description ....3 VOLTAGE CHARTS...16 CIRCUIT DIAGRAM....
Features a Optical RF,a front-end controller, a back-end decoder, a control CPU with separate 4KB Instruction and 4KB Data Cache, an improved audio DSP, a programmable video encoder with a dual output capability of interlaced and progressive scan, Memory controller, 4-channel Timers with PWM, I/O Ports, 1-channel 10-bit ADCsfor Servo control, 5-channel 10-bitVideo-DACs, 1-channel UART with handshake, IIC-BUS interface, IISBUS interface, SIO, 6-in-1 Card Interface, SPDIF in/out, Audio PWM outand PLL for clock generation. The S5L5008 is fabricated in a standard 0.13um CMOS technology. Its low-power, sim...

Document Datasheet DG-K301 datasheet pdf (5.53MB)

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