TC333AX Selec Operating Instructions Datasheet

Part Number TC333AX
Manufacturer Selec
Description For TC233AX COM Control Output Relay Output NC NO SSR Drive Output 3 + 12 12 VDC R 1 2 5 6 7 Initial calibration is valid for 18 months after the Month/Year of manufacturing which is mentioned on order code label. 13 COM Temp. Proportional band Measured Value Input Thermocouple (J, K, T, ...
Features 0 amps it is always necessary to use an interposing relay or contactor that will switch the load. This avoids damage to the controller in the event of a fault short developing on the power output circuit. 3. Always use a separate fused supply for the “power load circuit”and do not take this from the live and neutral terminals supplying power to the controller. For load current less than 0.5A L TC TC C NO MOV Snubber LOAD R C CAUTION 1. When powering up for the first time, disconnect the output connections. 2. Fuse Protection: The unit is normally supplied without a power switch and fuses. Mak...

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The TC3339 is a 2-stage PHEMT MMIC power amplifier. It is designed for use in low cost, high volume, 2.9 -3.7 GHz band applications. The MMIC is matched to 50Ω operation. It provides a typical gain of 26 dB and P1dB power of more than 30 dBm. Typical bias condition is 7V at 650 mA. The MMIC is packaged in a low-cost surface-mountable plastic package. APPLICATIONS • • • Wireless Internet Access Wireless Local Loop Two way radio ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Ta = 25 °C) SYMBOL FREQ SSG GOF P-1 dB P-3 dB IP3 VSWR, IN VDD Vg IDD IDP-1 ηa DESCRIPTION Frequency Range Small Signal Gain Small Signal Gain Flatness Output Power at 1 dB Gain Compression Output Power at 3 dB Gain Compression Third Order I...

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