PM600CLA060 Powerex Three Phase IGBT Inverter Datasheet

Part Number PM600CLA060
Manufacturer Powerex
Description Powerex Intellimod™ Intelligent Power Modules are isolated base modules designed for power switching applications operating at frequencies to 20kHz. Built-in control circuits provide optimum gate drive and protection for the IGBT and free-wheel diode power devices. Features: £ Complete Output Power...
Features £ Complete Output Power Circuit £ Gate Drive Circuit £ Protection Logic
  – Short Circuit
  – Over Temperature Using On-chip Temperature Sensing
  – Under Voltage £ Low Loss Using 5th Generation IGBT Chip £ Low EMI/RFI Applications: £ Inverters £ UPS £ Motion/Servo Control £ Power Supplies Ordering Information: Example: Select the complete part number from the table below -i.e. PM600CLA060 is a 600V, 600 Ampere Intellimod™ Intelligent Power Module. Type PM Current Rating Amperes 600 VCES Volts (x 10) 60 AE Y 1 J H 2 3 H 4 5 H 6 R (12 PLACES) Z AA VPFO WPFO WNFO VNFO UNFO UPFO VVPC VUPC V...

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PM600CLA060 Similar Datasheet

Part Number Description
Intelligent Power Module
www.DataSheet.co.kr MITSUBISHI PM600CLA060 FLAT-BASE TYPE INSULATED PACKAGE PM600CLA060 FEATURE a) Adopting new 5th generation IGBT (CSTBT) chip, which performance is improved by 1µm fine rule process. For example, typical Vce(sat)=1.8V @Tj=125°C b) I adopt the over-temperature conservation by Tj detection of CSTBT chip, and error output is possible from all each conservation upper and lower arm of IPM. • 3φ 600A, 600V Current-sense IGBT type inverter • Monolithic gate drive & protection logic • Detection, protection & status indication circuits for, shortcircuit, over-temperature & under-voltage (Fo available from all arm devices) • Acoustic noise-less 45kW/55...

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