MAXQ1050 Maxim Integrated Products Secure USB Microcontroller Datasheet

MAXQ1050-BNS+ Secure USB Microcontroller wit

Maxim Integrated Products
Part Number MAXQ1050
Manufacturer Maxim Integrated (https://www.analog.com/) Products
Description The MAXQ1050 is a low-power secure microcontroller designed for USB secure token and smart card reader applications that require certificate-based or other public key cryptographic schemes. The device also incorporates a sophisticated security mechanism to protect secret key data; two self-destruct ...
Features S High-Performance, Low-Power, 32-Bit MAXQ30 RISC Core S Operates from USB Power or Single 3.3V Supply S Runs from 20MHz (typ) Internal Oscillator S Supports External 12/24MHz Crystal Oscillator for Microcontroller and USB Operation S On-Chip 2x/4x Clock Multiplier S 16-Bit Instruction Word, 32-Bit Internal Data Bus S 16 x 32-Bit Accumulators S 16 x 32-Bit General-Purpose Working Registers S Up to 20 General-Purpose I/O Pins S 5V Tolerant I/O S Virtually Unlimited Software Stack S Optimized for C-Compiler (High-Speed/Density Code) S Memory  128KB Flash Memory, 512 x 32 Page Size ...

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Secure USB Microcontroller wit
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The MAXQ1004 is a low-power microcontroller that integrates a 10-bit ADC, 1-WireM slave interface, SPIK, AES encryption, random-number generator (RNG), and temperature sensor with a 16-bit MAXQM pipelined CPU. Performance bandwidth is sufficient to handle master or slave challenge-response authentication in portable devices. The device incorporates 16KB of flash memory and 640B of RAM. Factory programming of a customer secret key is available upon request. The microcontroller runs within a wide 1.7V to 3.6V operating range. For the ultimate in low-power performance, an ultra-lowpower stop mode (300nA typ) is available. In this mode, only a minimum amount of circuitry is powered to support de...
Maxim Integrated Products
Security Token Microcontroller
The MAXQ1010 is a small, low-cost, low-power secure microcontroller designed for security token applications and battery-powered applications where power and security are both critically important. The microcontroller family contains a 32KB, 64KB, or 128KB programmable flash memory that can be used for both application code and data storage. Each 512B flash memory page supports 20,000 erase cycles and is programmable 16 bits at a time. This allows for unique schemes to extend the lifetime of the flash. For instance, dedicating four flash pages to store 32B of data that changes very often, the effective number of write cycles can approach 1.2 million (4 x 512 x 20,000/32). The device also con...

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