MPC-P09828 United Monolithic Semiconductors 55-65GHz Single Side Band Mixer Datasheet

United Monolithic Semiconductors
Part Number MPC-P09828
Manufacturer United Monolithic Semiconductors
Description The MFC-P09828 is a multifunction chip (MFC) which integrates a LO buffer amplifier and a subharmonically balanced diode mixer for 2LO suppression and image rejection. It is usable both for up-conversion and down-conversion. It is designed for a wide range of applications, from military to commercia...
■ Broadband performance : 55-65 GHz RF
■ 12dB conversion Loss
■ 10dBc image rejection
■ +10dBm LO input power
■ +0dBm input power (1dB gain comp.)
■ DC power consumption, 90mA @ 3.5V
■ Chip size : 2.10 x 1.17 x 0.10 mm Main Characteristics Tamb. = 25°C Parameter FRF FLO FIF Lc RF frequency range LO frequency range IF frequency range Conversion Loss Min 55 27.5 DC Typ Max 65 32.5 5 Unit GHz GHz GHz dB 12 ESD Protection : Electrostatic discharge sensitive device. Observe handling precautions ! Ref. : DSMUX-P098282134 -15-May-02 1/6 Specifications subject to change without notice Unite...

Document Datasheet MPC-P09828 datasheet pdf (153.12KB)

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