SPF7302 Allegro MicroSystems Full Bridge DC Motor Driver Datasheet

Allegro MicroSystems
Part Number SPF7302
Manufacturer Allegro MicroSystems
Description The SPF7302 is a fully protected, single chip full-bridge driver IC for DC brush motor applications. The various protection circuits integrated are: overvoltage protection (OVP); overcurrent protection (OCP) with latch, which is adapted to the DMOSFETs in each full bridge; undervoltage lockout (UVLO...
Features and Benefits ▪ Supply voltage, VBB , 36 V maximum ▪ Maximum DC current 3 A continuous, 6 A pulsed (1 kHz, duty cycle < 1%, pulse width < 10 μs) ▪ RDS(on) = 300 mΩ maximum, at TJ = 125ºC ▪ Operation modes: forward, reverse, brake (high- or lowside freewheeling current circulation) ▪ Output disable pin (DI pin) ▪ Protections: ▫ Overvoltage protection (OVP), 36 V minimum ▫ Overcurrent protection (OCP), 3 A typical ▫ Overcurrent limitation (OCL), 6 A typical ▫ Externally adjustable delay timer to halt OCL ▫ Thermal shutdown protection (TSD), 151°C minimum ▫ Undervoltage lockout on VBB (UVLO), 4.2 ...

Document Datasheet SPF7302 datasheet pdf (405.21KB)

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Part Number Description
Full Bridge DC Motor Driver
Full Bridge DC Motor Driver ICs SPF7301(under development) 10.5±0.3 Features ● A DMOS of low ON resistance (0.1Ω typ) is mounted on the high and low side power elements ● Two input signals control the forward/reverse/brake of a DC motor ● Current limit and overcurrent protection circuits ● Low voltage and thermal protection, excess input detecting output and input terminal open protection External Dimensions (unit: mm) 14.74±0.2 13.04±0.2 20 11 1.0 +0.1 – 0.05 Fin thickness a 2±0.2 7.5±0.2 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25ºC) Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit Remarks Main power supply voltage Input terminal input voltage EN terminal voltage Disable terminal input voltage Output c...

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