FR-V520-xx-NA Mitsubishi Variable Frequency Drives Datasheet

Part Number FR-V520-xx-NA
Manufacturer Mitsubishi
Description V500 Series VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES 1 – 400 HP www.DataSheet4U.com The Reliable “V” Combining High Performance with Ease-of-Use! Loaded with New Technology! Adaptive Flux Observer Motor flux is continuously updated using the motor current and the inverter output voltage. The motor flux is calcu...
Features Gain Tuning The motor’s load inertia is estimated online, and the speed control gain and position loop gain are adjusted automatically. Rotation Speed (r/min) Speed control gain and position loop gain adjustments are no longer necessary! The motor’s load inertia, estimated automatically online from the output torque during acceleration / deceleration, provides the optimum speed control gain and position loop gain. The software can set the optimum response automatically with the 15-step responsiveness settings. Automatic Load Inertia Estimation Characteristics 9.5 True inertia value Compariso...

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